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A Learning Community focused on the intersection of ethical business, self management, technology and global solutions.

Do you yearn for a more beautiful world?

Many of us are sensing the growing potential for a significantly different approach to the way humans work with each other. 

For some it’s the future of work, for others it is blockchain, or mindfulness, or social enterprise, or the rights of nature, or direct democracy, or solving the climate crisis, or indigenous world views - the list is endless.

But we suspect that there is an underlying coherence across all these areas, an emerging paradigm that doesn’t have a name as simple as “neo-liberal capitalism”. 

We have met many people in service of these ideas, many people who can taste a new world even if they lack the vocabulary or mental constructs to name it completely. 

We also have a hypothesis that the emergence into ‘what comes next’ will be brought about by and through community.

So, this is an invitation to anyone who has made manifesting a new world their life’s work. A brighter world that makes humans of the future look back on these times with the same nostalgia we view the middle ages.

We invite you to join this learning community, to actively learn with your peers in different areas, to learn alongside people at your level, and to teach others about what you are seeing.

Joshua Vial & Susan Basterfield


Help Build the Entrepreneurial Collective Playbook - new project sprint May 2018

Timings and Cadence

The Peer Garden runs on a monthly rhythm.

New people are welcome to join anytime.

Each month we will run a new experiment!

Free but not free

There is no financial cost to being involved, but this is not free. You pay by participating.

Once per month members of the learning community might choose to pay by publishing a thing. It could be a blog post, a podcast, a video, a talk. It could be a song, or a work of art. It’s up to you. You can also publish it anywhere you like, you just need to have a link you can share with the rest of the community.

Beginning in March, Peer Garden members will offer workshops or other digital learning opportunities.  All workshops will be by donation, with funds raised split 50/50 between the host and The Peer Garden.

We invite you to take the attitude of a researcher, or an anthropologist. A new world is possible, and desperately needed. Your insights are valuable, and even though it is hard to find the time, sharing what you are learning, sharing your questions, sharing what you sense is possible, could make all the difference for just one person who is struggling with something you solved yesterday.

Time Commitments

How It Works

There are none. You are free to put in as much or as little time as you wish connecting with your peers in the garden. Everything is optional.

Everyone in the community is invited to our Loomio Group.

We also have a slack group, open space webinars, video calls and lots of other optional activities. 

I am a programmer, entrepreneur and educator. I founded Enspiral in 2010 and have learned a hundred ways not to organise a co-operative of bootstrapping entrepreneurs passionate about self-management and changing the world.

In 2014 I co-founded Enspiral Dev Academy and have been exploring accelerated learning environments in an effort to learn how to help people who want to change the world be more effective.

One of my biggest delights since beginning this work in 2008 has been the amazing people I have met. I look forward to meeting many more in The Peer Garden.

Joshua Vial

I am a catalyst and a convenor, working across the globe, physically and virtually, to midwife a new possibility for how we work, relate, and contribute.  

Proof that 25 years in multi-nationals is a reversible condition, I’m motivated by intentional learning and development in community.  

I created and convene the Leadwise Practical Self Management Intensive, I’ve co-authored Reinventing Scale-ups, and I’m always up for collective sense-making and doing stuff that matters with people who care.

Susan Basterfield

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